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About Me

Problem solver

I am a Principal Software Engineer

I have experience designing and implementing Enterprise applications in fast-paced environments utilizing polyglot stacks and third-party frameworks. I have lead team of software engineers in challenging and pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. I am expert in overseeing technology improvement initiatives and aligning them with business goals. I have experience with building and leading diverse and highly talented engineers with an emphasis on scaling them to meet the demands of a rapidly growing business.

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What I Do

Software Engineering

Over 15 years of experience developing scalable and maintainable software.


Experience with building and leading diverse and highly talented teams with an emphasis to meet the demands of business. Skilled at influencing peers, senior leaders and other team members without direct authority


Experience on continious deployment and delivery of software and infrastructure on Amazon Web Services as well as Microosft Azure. Highly knowledgable on serverless architecture


Experience coaching teams (US-Based/ Off-Shore) on software architecture, best practices and devops standards


15+ Years of Experience


Core Languages

C#, ASP.MVC, ASP.NET, .NET 4.6, .NET Core 2.1/3.1, GoLang


MSSQL, AWS Aurora, Oracle, Couchbase, AWS DynamoDB, Snowflake

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Angular 9/10, Bootstrap, Bulma, Web Fonts

Web Api

WCF, WebAPI, Swagger

ORM/Data Access

Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, Dapper, ADO.NET

Debug tools

App Dynamic, Kibana, Elastic Search, SQL Profiler, AWS Cloudwatch, Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insight

Testing frameworks

MOQ, Auto Fixtures, DI, MSTest, N-Unit, X-Unit, Unit testing, Integration testing, Smoke testing


AWS EC2, ECS, S3, CloudFront, Kinesis, Lambda, SAM, API Gateway, Fargate, RDS, DynamoDB, Sagemaker, Azure VM, Data Bricks, Event Hubs, Event Grid, App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Devops and Pipelines



Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

Classes on Data Structure, Advanced Data Structure, Compiler Design, Operating System Design, System Analysis and Design, Algorithms


Master of Science - Information Technology


Feb 2020 - June 26th 2021
Aegis Technologies/SimioCloud

Lead Software Engineer

Mentor and coach software engineers with TDD, iterative development and paired programming.

Responsible for development of software processes, software plans, technology adoption and technology guidance to CTO.

Continuously evaluate industry standards, best practices and technology trends for their ability to support and enhance the goals

.NET Core 3.1/Angular 9 web development to facilitate data workflow for Data Science team and stakeholders. Implementation of Identity Server 4.

Utilization of Go Lang for rapid encryption/decryption of big data files (multi GB).

Used of Matillion ETL tool along with scripting on bash and python to fully automate data ingestion.

Created CI CD pipeline using Azure Devops and pipelines.

Nov 2019 - Feb 2020
CIGNA Insurance (Short Term Contract)

Software Development Coach

Mentor, coach and develop architects, engineers and devops across Cigna

Share adoption strategies and best practices for corporation

Adoption of resiliency architecture over redundancy

Created sample project implementing micro services architecture, with auto scaling based on Kubernetes.

Usage of ansible tower for continious integration

Apr 2018 - Nov 2019
Huron Consulting Group (Long Term Contract)

Software Tech Lead

Worked hands on developing, managing and mentoring in house development team

Implementation of full cycle development practice (design, development, test, deploy, operate, and support)

Led effort to create industry standard coding guidelines for developers to follow including branching strategy, definition of done and definition of ready within an agile team

Helped developers build multi-tier event driven architecture with independently scalable components that can handle high volume PHI traffic using AWS Lambda, Kinesis and API Gateway

Developed and lead team on event driven machine learning project involving AWS SageMaker, ML Instance, DynamoDB, RDS Aurora with frontend using Angular 7 and WebApi (Core 2.1)

Developed workflow engine application using .NET Core 2.2, EF Core, Dapper, AWS Lambda, Dynamo Streaming and Angular 7

Coordinated migration of Off-Shore products from India to Denver CO including resources as well as infrastructure (On Premise to AWS)

Helped developers of all skill set adopt test driven development using MOQ and X Unit

Created release schedules to sync multiple products release dates.

Created a CI/CD pipeline using Azure DevOps and establish a pattern for other teams to follow.

Helped product owner and software development manager with technical details as well as sizing stories.

Developed AWS lambdas for stream processing data from Kinesis to various endpoints.

Knowledge of Amazon EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFront, CloudFormation, Route 53, Kinesis and Lambda.

Requirement gathering, planning and delivery of multiple products.

Set expectations for developers as well as QAs. Implemented and maintained best practices metrics under the leadership of the director.

Understanding of CapEx and OpEx budgeting and assigning them to user stories.

Managed and onboarded Dev and QA team offshore and brought them up to speed to team and company coding standards.

2015 - 2018

Software Engineer III/Product Owner

Responsible for building web applications and frameworks with ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSHTML, CSS, C#; implementing AJAX library, CSS, Bootstrap, and various web controls to present interfaces to users in a comfortable environment; and implementing SOA architecture with web services and functionalities, like creating, consuming and publishing JSON and XML Web Services using .NET.

Code development using TDD approach. Unit tested using MSTest, Moq, Auto Fixture and Fakes. Helped junior developer on grasping the idea of TDD. Helped the team move away from memory mocks.

Used Reactive framework to help create workflow engine and plugins to support patient care reporting (ePCR) and billing.

Used ORM frameworks like EF4, EF6 and Dapper to access database. Used optimized raw SQL queries where need.

Created template and prototype for Single Page Application (SPA) using Angular 1.5 as well as React/Redux which is to be used company wide. Implemented PhantomJS and Jasmine to run unit test on Team City build chains.

Created functional UI tests using Selenium to facilitate test automation goals while streamlining continuous delivery effort.

Mentor and reviewed codes for team members and junior/mid-level developers. Helped tester in learning and creating automated tests and moving them away from manual tests.

Took the role of Interim Product Owner for 4 months so that the project could be completed within deadline. Coordinated with other PO to discuss cross team dependencies and prioritize user stories based on that. Helped bring transparency between teams and facilitate end to end testing effort. Interviewed new PO, director and architect owner for the team.

Shared roles with QA and UX (Agile).

Created “AWS ready” microservice prototype based on Docker, Kubernetes, CoreOS and Grafana.

Refactoring effort to make legacy code unit testable such that these tests could be plugged into the continuous delivery pipeline. Created User Stories out of spikes that detailed refactoring effort. Worked with architect to optimize performance using AppDynamics and Kibana charts.

Produced documentation to allow more efficient support, on-boarding and development. Contributed on coding standard guidelines that will be implemented company wide.

2006 - 2008
2010 - 2015
Acxiom Corporation

Senior Solution Developer

Created Analysis & Design, Unit test and implementation documents following JP Morgan Chase standards. Worked directly with clients, team leads and project managers.

Full stack developer for multiple projects involving MVC3/MVC4 framework, utilized Entity Framework Code First approach to create MSSQL and Oracle table models, created custom Action filter for user permission, utilized JQuery, JQGrid, JSON and Bootstrap on frontend and implemented custom html helpers, e.g. image link, label. Used repository and singleton patterns during implementation. Utilized Ninject for dependency injection. Implemented logging frameworks like Elmah and Log4Net. Unit tested using Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework.

White Hat tester for Chase Credit Card Services. Penetration testing of internal application with AppScan and WebInspect. Implemented handlers on web application to identify cross-site scripting and sql injection and prevent cyber-attack on the system.

Converted legacy systems from classic ASP to .NET 4.5/MVC/Jquery. Used three-tier design along with Entity Framework and Linq to SQL on such conversions.

Lead Developer for SharePoint 2013 portal. Installed and configured SharePoint 2013 on development, test and production environment. Hands on experience with Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, Domain Controllers, Cluster Servers, Fail Safes. Data migration from decade old classic ASP portal. Configured SharePoint document site with features like version control, simultaneous multiple upload, drag and drop upload and workflow approvals. Used C# .NET/CSS to create custom solutions and branding of the site.

Production and maintenance support for various in-house projects including application for instant decision for credit card offers. Maintained ZERO SLA defects since joining the company.

Developed an application using .net 4.5 (C#) and ADO.NET that allowed developers to track performance of their applications, find expensive queries, database backup reports, deadlock tables/queries analysis and many more.

Production Lead for RAE (Reporting and Analytic Environment) for Acxiom/Chase Credit Card services handling multiple production issue/resolutions. Wrote SQL queries and tuned existing queries to process billions of customer records.

Optimized several applications reducing the run time from days to hours.

System testing/unit testing and disaster recovery testing for various applications.

Developed application using Shell Scripting and PL/SQL scripts using procedural as well as object-oriented programming.

2008 - 2010

Web Developer

Worked with local and remote hospital clients to gather requirements, developed and deployed ASP.NET (VB)/MSSQL web application on Windows/IIS based testing and production environment. Utilized n Tier design during the build phase.

Developed reporting services for College of Medicine (Salary Letter) using VB.NET and Crystal Report 2008/XI.

Developed epidemic alert monitor for Department of Toxicology (DoT) to help identify spread of contaminated disease during the Swine Flu epidemic of 2009 using VB.NET console application. Utilized 3-tier design with SAS as database service to gather data based on the algorithm provided by DoT.

Designed and built several other ad hoc hospital applications based on .NET 2.0/3.5 (VB, C#) web forms, JavaScript, MSSQL 2005/2008, Crystal Report XI/2008. 3 Tier design was used on most of the applications.


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